Our approach

  • Requirements analysis

    Find the accurate solution to your needs is our goal. Understanding your needs is therefore the guiding principle in everything we do. Consequently the first meeting will each time include our Chief Scientific Officer or our project leaders.

  • Literature mining

    Based on intensive literature mining, we determine the most appropriate solution to implement, taking into account your requirements. If an appropriate methodology does not exist, our scientific team will develop the required experimental protocols.

  • Implementing the solution

    According to your need, we conduct the field sampling or provide a special training day. Based on our multidisciplinary expertise, our scientific team conducts the laboratory experiments to best meet your needs.

  • Reporting

    The results are analyzed and reported in a two-phase process. Based on the experimental results, the project leader first discuss with you in order to determine if the issue has been solved. Then, a final report validated by the Chief Scientific Officer will be delivered.

  • Advice

    At your request, we give personalized advice and recommendations based on our expertise.